New Generation @ Salsa

Unique Style 's New Generation !!!Edit

This is the student group of one of the top academies of salsa in Puerto Rico, Unique Style Dance Studio in Carolina, P.R. The group's choreographer is Norma Rivera, winner of the PR Salsa Open in 2002 with her partner Angel Martinez. This group is compose of Gilmar R. Gonzalez, Francheska Cardona, Felix , Nestor Canales, Cathy Zoet, Viviana Gomez, Darlene Ortega, Michael Walk, Nilka Zohara Ayala, Leiiram Santiago, Roky Perez, Karen , Bryan rivera and Luis Rivera aka "Chaka". This group keeps adding members as the academy grows and the members of this groups as time passes advance to one of the other 2 advance salsa dance groups the academy has, Unique Style Dancers and Unique Style Mambo. The academy also has a numerous of other groups like Unique Styles Mastes (age >35), Unique Style Divas (female group) and Unique Style Boys (male only group).
Currently this group has dance in many important stages, even though it is a new group. Stages like:
  • Puerto Rico Salsa Open 2008
  • Puerto Rico Salsa & Hustle Festival 2007, 2008
  • Connecticut Salsa Congress 2008
  • Puerto Rico's Salsa National Championship Competition 2008
  • Also some regional stages in county fairs and clubs