Tropical Tribute to the Beatles is a tribute album of tropical artists released in 1996 by RMM Records (Ralph Mercado's record company), produced by Oscar Gomez (distributed by Bellaphon & Uni Distribution).

Arrangements were made by Steve Roistein, and lyrics were adapted into Spanish by Jorge Córcega, who had previously adapted the lyrics of Salvatore Adamo.

The concert in New York at Radio City Music Hall was released on DVD. In 1996 a tour was made through Spain (Plaza de Toros (Valencia), MadridLa Coruña's Coliseum, Barcelona).


  1. Hey Jude - Tony Vega 5:28
  2. Let It Be - Tito Nieves & Tito Puente 5:17
  3. Can't Buy Me Love (No Puedes Comprarme) - Guianko 4:37
  4. A Hard Day's Night - Johnny Rivera 4:59
  5. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da (adaptado en español) - Celia Cruz 4:42
  6. The Fool On The Hill - Ray Sepúlveda 4:28
  7. I Want To Hold Your Hand - Manny Manuel (merengue) 4:25
  8. Day Tripper - Domingo Quiñones 4:15
  9. Lady Madonna (adaptado en español) - Oscar D'León 4:46
  10. With a Little Help from My Friends (La Ayuda De La Amistad) - Jesus Enriquez & Miles Peña 5:05
  11. Yesterday - Cheo Feliciano 4:51
  12. And I Love Her (Un Gran Amor Le Di) - José Alberto El Canario (bachata) 3:15
  13. Come Together (Venir Juntos) - All singers 5:55

DVD « Live » from Radio City Music HallEdit

  1. Isidro Infante y la Orquesta RMM – Eleanor Rigby / Magical Mystery Tour
  2. Miles Peña / Jorge Enriquez – With a Little Help from My Friends (La Ayuda De La Amistad)
  3. Frankie Morales – A Hard Day's Night
  4. David Navedo – Day Tripper
  5. Guianko – Can't Buy Me Love (No Puedes Comprarme)
  6. Ray Sepúlveda – The Fool On The Hill
  7. Tito Puente / Tito Nieves – Let It Be
  8. José Alberto El Canario – And I Love Her
  9. Ravel – I Want To Hold Your Hand (Tu Mano Cogeré)
  10. Oscar D'León – Lady Madonna
  11. Tony Vega – Hey Jude
  12. Cheo Feliciano - Yesterday
  13. Celia Cruz – Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da


  • Steve Roistein : pianosynth
  • Ed Calle : saxophone
  • Tony Conception : trumpet
  • Dana Teboe : trombone
  • Rene Luis Toledo : guitar
  • Chema Moncillo : bass
  • Sammy Timbalon Pagan, Oscar Gomez :percussions
  • Cheito Quiñones, Steve Roistein, Oscar Gomez, Rosa Giron, Jose Morato, Juan Canovas : chorus

In the merengue I want to hold your hand (Tu Mano Cogere) :

Chart positionEdit


Year Chart [3] Album Peak
1996 Billboard Tropical/Salsa Tropical Tribute to the Beatles 3
1996 Billboard Top Latin Albums Tropical Tribute to the Beatles 25


Year Chart [4] Single Peak
1996 Billboard Hot Latin Tracks Come Together (Venir Juntos) 38
1996 Billboard Hot Latin Tracks I Want To Hold Your Hand 13
1996 Billboard Latin Pop Airplay I Want To Hold Your Hand 8

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