The Salsa Snob Edit

General characteristics Edit

They rarely smile while dancing, think they are too good for everyone, the women will be very fussy who they dance with, the men will enjoy dancing mostly with themselves.

Subtypes Edit

  • Salsa Snob Women
    These are Females that only dance with the salsa teachers, they are sometimes good dancers, but usually average but because they are moderately good looking get dances in spite of any lacking in dancing or social graces, they will turn down most guys for a dance with comments such as 'I only dance on the 2' or I'm tired and sitting this dance out' (immediately followed by dancing with one of the male salsa snobs right in front of you or one of the teachers).

  • Salsa Snob Men
    These guys will have all the outfits, rarely smile like the women, continuously criticize the girl they are dancing with and do some just plane dangerous moves with out any consideration for the girl they are dancing with or anyone dancing in their vicinity.

The hangers on Edit

These are usually nerdy guys who are trying get in with the teachers and the 'cool' dancers, often the salsa snobs. They are obsessive in becoming the next Johnny Vasquez; they write every move down and practice at home in front of the mirror.

The slimers Edit

These are guys who by their description are a little bit slimy, they usually ruin the evening for everyone by:

  • Groping every women they dance with and some that they don't
  • This has the effect of making the women very defensive about who they dance with (The effect being that any normal men are denied dancing...due to the traumer caused by the slimmer).

The intermediate Edit

This is usually a guy who has made it into the improvers or just slipped into the next level, they are very dangerous to dance next to or anywhere near. They think they are good dancers, but have no idea where they or anyone else is on the dance floor, as a result they move to their own rhythm...which is unfortunately usually nothing like the salsa music they are listening too. So they are very difficult to predict where they are going, but for sure they will find a way to step on your feet or elbow you. They are often characterized with some poor girl in an arm lock or being throwen into other dancers, after a dance with these guys you will usually see some girl hobbling of the dance e floor with a look of horror on her face.

The buffoon Edit

These are usually drunken guys that somehow find their way into a salsa club, remember how to move and are or leg and dance on their own or with their other drunken mates in the middle of the dance floor... and occasionally will grab some unsuspecting girl and initiate some 'slimmer' moves

Above are a few of the most stereotype dancers by all means add your comments or dance types.